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Those crazy white people! What will they think of next?! February 25, 2010

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Nina, explaining to me the historical significance of Dr. Benjamin Carson: “Oh man!  There was these two little white boys and they was joined by the HEAD!  And he took ’em apart!”


Morale Booster December 3, 2009

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So, I have this art song.

It’s dorky and we don’t need to get into it, okay, but my kindergartners positively worship it and want to sing it over & over.  Today I eventually got sick of it, so someone offered to sing a song she made up (LOVE five-year-olds.  Sometimes).

Ms. Art is the best art teacher

Because sometimes she puts people in time-ouuuuuut

She is so nice

She is so pretty and good and I like her hairrrrrr…

Nice that she thinks of time-out as an indicator of my educational prowess, because usually to me it means I’ve failed to derail a situation before it escalated.  And anyway, my hair looked weird today.

Flashback Friday: But how did she get to Victoria’s Secret, and more importantly, how did she get home? March 28, 2008

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Here is a transcript, more or less verbatim, of a conversation I had towards the beginning of the school year with Deonte, a third grader (not this Deonte, for the record):

“Ms. Art. Do you know why I wasn’t in school Friday?”
“You were really, really sick.”
“You were at Six Flags.”
“NO! I missed the bus and then I got to stay home for the whole day!”
“Oh, no. [That’s not a good reason to miss school, it’s better to be a little late than miss a whole day, etc.]”
“I know. My gramma got on my mom. It don’t matter if you don’t have gas in the car! Get the boy to school!”
“Yeah. But she didn’t have any money. She spent it all. At Victoria’s Secret. (he stands up and whispers in my ear) On BEER.”

Um…sit back down, Deonte?

I think I had this exact conversation at this exact age March 13, 2008

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My first-graders were settling in (well, as much as first-graders ever “settle”) to work and I overheard the following:

Namya: “You are not, nobody is smarter than GOD.”

Chandler: “Yes-huh, ’cause I am.”

Namya: “Are not.  What’s nine hundred plus nine hundred?” (Well played, kid.  Surely no one but God, who everybody knows is primarily a mathematician, would be able to crack that one.)

Chandler, uncertainly: “Um…two nine hundred.”

Imad: “NO!  TEN hundred.  Duh.”

Namya agrees.  Chandler is determined to be less smart than God.  Imad is apparently at least as smart, though.

Flashback Friday, in honor of Super Tuesday February 1, 2008

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Okay, so this one only flashes back a few weeks or so.  Regardless:

We’re outside at the car-rider loop.  Kiara is seven and is one of the last kids to be picked up (Kiara is almost always one of the last kids to be picked up).  All the other teachers have bailed (all the other teachers most always bail).

Kiara walks over, clearly on a mission.  “Ms. Art.  Are you voting for Barack Obama, or [undisguised disgust] Hillary Clinton?

“What if I’m voting for John Edwards?”  (It apparently occurs to neither of us that I might be Republican. )

“Well, are you?”

“Well, no.”

“My mom wants Hillary Clinton but I want my FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!”

I try to explain about judging people not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character (picked that up somewhere), but it falls on deaf ears.  This is maybe why seven-year-olds can’t vote.

Christmas Spirit December 14, 2007

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Happy Holidays, guys.