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A Twofer November 23, 2010

Posted by Ms. Art in Perplexing Miscellany.

Today, 4th grade:

Jeffery, to his table at large: “Put those pencils AWAY!  You do not want to know what some people will do with some pencils.”

Yes, I asked for clarification, but apparently it’s something entirely too complex or taboo to even say.  Jeffery has opted to let your imaginations take it from here.


And then, kindergarten:

Taylor: “I like your hair.”

Self: “Thank you, sweetheart.  I love your hair, too.”

Cameron (decidedly male, as far as I can tell, but it’s not as though I’ve checked, of course): “Me too!  Because I was a girl, when I was a baby.”

Self: “Wait, you what-now?”

Cameron: “Yes!  When I was a baby I was a little tiny girl but now I growed up into a boy this size [size indicated by hand held parallel to floor, significantly below actual height of Cameron, supposed-boy].”



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