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Ouch. September 22, 2010

Posted by Ms. Art in Darndest Things.
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My second graders are doing an art criticism activity, in which they compare & contrast their own patterned self-portrait collages with work by artist Miriam Schapiro.  Observe:

My Student Teacher: *pins up a kid’s work*

Joshua: “Gah!  Upside down!”

MST: “Oh!  I’m sorry!  That’s better.  Okay, so can anyone point out some differences you see between Joshua’s artwork and Miriam Schapiro’s?”

Emiyah: “Um…with Miriam Schapiro’s work, you could tell if it was upside down and with Joshua’s work…you can’t?”


xXxHARDCORExXx* September 17, 2010

Posted by Ms. Art in Hopes and Dreams.
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*SEO, y’all!