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Look, first things first, okay? June 29, 2010

Posted by Ms. Art in General Chaos.

James, listening to NPR News in the car: “RUSSIAN SPIES?!  What…?!  Why…?!”

Self: “Well!”  *Brief rundown of Cold War, US/Russia tentative relations, Communism, etc.*

James: “But I thought the US and Russia were friends.  They were in World War II, you know.”

Self: “They were.  But then for several decades there they really, really weren’t, and so the two governments are still learning how to trust each other and -”


Self: “And that, yeah.”



1. Corey Waters - June 30, 2010

Dude. I just read your entire blog because it was freakin’ HILARIOUS! LOVE IT! xoxo

Ms. Art - June 30, 2010

Ha, thanks! And, um, I read your entire blog too, once. I think it took me a month or two, though!

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