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Those crazy white people! What will they think of next?! February 25, 2010

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Nina, explaining to me the historical significance of Dr. Benjamin Carson: “Oh man!  There was these two little white boys and they was joined by the HEAD!  And he took ’em apart!”


Comprehension of irony not yet developmentally appropriate, unfortunately. February 24, 2010

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Dylan: Ms. Art!  Reese is not worrying about her own self like you said…!

I probably saved him some minor heartache, honestly. February 19, 2010

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I knew by the panicked look in his eyes and the way he hissed, “It’s for Jasmine!” when I held out my hand that it must be good.

I lied and told him I wasn’t going to read it; then I not only read it, I posted it on the internet.

I'm a jerk. You're welcome.