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And yes, he got written up for blowing my cover. January 29, 2010

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Chandler, rushing my desk with Donovan right behind: “Ms. Art!  Are you a secret agent for the CIA?  Because Donovan said – ”

Self, interrupting: “YES.”


It’s an all-star kind of day here on I Like Your Face, apparently. January 21, 2010

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This is not my actual water bottle, but close enough. On the other hand, how much do I wish this was my actual water bottle? Um, awesome.

Dakota, eyeballing the water bottle on my desk: Uh, Ms. Art?  What is that?

Self: It’s my water bottle.

Dakota, whose imagination has demonstrated a proclivity for overactivity beforeOh.  Phew. I thought it was like, somebody’s ashes or something.

This is maybe not as far out in left field as it sounds, considering the potentially off-color jokes I’d made the day before about how easily a talkative fifth-grader would fit into the kiln.  With the lid CLOSED.  Word travels fast.

I feel like you know a little more about this than maybe you should. January 21, 2010

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Overheard this morning…

Substitute teacher: Put your money away – if you leave it on the desk, someone could take it.

Justice: But!  That is STEALING!  They would be a THIEF!

Sub, I guess sensing a teachable moment?  I really don’t know: Mmmhmmm, and where do thieves go?

Justice, sagely: To juvy.

Zing! January 14, 2010

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Andre, totally just looking for attention and not deserving of your sympathy, so relax already: “I’m not good at anyyyythinnnng.  I can’t dooo it, it’s toooo hard…”

Gabrielle, very astute for 6: “You’re really good at complaining.”

Especially before the age of eight. January 12, 2010

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Taylor: *sniffling over a Tragic Art Mistake while I stand by, offering what are, in my opinion, totally reasonable and helpful suggestions*

Zachary: Oh, Ms. Art, I know, girls are so sensitive.

Self: *raised eyebrows*

Zachary: Believe me.  I know.