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Morale Booster December 3, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Perplexing Miscellany, Role Models.

So, I have this art song.

It’s dorky and we don’t need to get into it, okay, but my kindergartners positively worship it and want to sing it over & over.  Today I eventually got sick of it, so someone offered to sing a song she made up (LOVE five-year-olds.  Sometimes).

Ms. Art is the best art teacher

Because sometimes she puts people in time-ouuuuuut

She is so nice

She is so pretty and good and I like her hairrrrrr…

Nice that she thinks of time-out as an indicator of my educational prowess, because usually to me it means I’ve failed to derail a situation before it escalated.  And anyway, my hair looked weird today.