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More sweet/sad than funny, I suppose. November 6, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Hopes and Dreams.
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Markoreyon (MARK-or-ree-un, for those playing along at home) is a mostly-sweet kid who nonetheless has a stubborn streak and tends to clash hard when he clashes.  Mostly he clashes with his classmates, not his teachers, though I’ve gotten in a few very regrettable, hard-to-avoid battles of will with him.

Today he seemed to have something on his mind.

He approached me as I was trying to start class – not a good time, but I was feeling lenient.  As he started to speak I took a second to tease a reluctant high-five out of him, which appeared to make him rethink what he was going to say.

Markoreyon, even mumblier than usual: “I was just going to ask – uh – are you a…nice art teacher?”

Self: “Well, I like to think so, but I think you’d know better than me.”

He acknowledged that yeah, I’m totally nice.  Score one for me.

So then the kiddos are painting away, and he comes over to me for another chat: “Ms. Art…I just wanted to say…that I’m sorry.”

Self, all *yikes what did you do* but trying not to jump to conclusions: “Oh?  For what?”

Markoreyon: “For all the bad things I did.  Not now, but, like, in my life. Before.”

There has scarcely been a better opportunity – ever – for a hug-it-out.


I’d rather you didn’t, really. November 6, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Bathroom Humor.
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Johnny, approaching me with a pained expression on his face: “Ms. Art.  I gotta pee.”

Self: “What’s that?  ‘May I please…?'”

Johnny: “Oh – uh – can I please…um, may I please…er…pee?”