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Maybe we invest in some playing cards or something. June 19, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Darndest Things.

Not from a student, because it’s mid-June and all, but I think it belongs here anyway.

The things James apparently thinks about when forced to turn the TV off and incapable of coming up with anything else interesting to do:

James: Ha.  Aphrodite.

Self, not talking about or thinking about Greek mythology in any way: Uh, what?

James: Aphrodite, ha.  It sounds like a hair disease.  You know, like a wig…that’s sick…

Self: Ohhh.  Yeah.  It would be even grosser if it were Afroditis.

James:  Ha!  Yeah!  Wait, why?

Self: *explain explain explain*

James: Ewww!  Afroditis!