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Um, no. Thanks for that, though. February 11, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Perplexing Miscellany.
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Kelsy, a 5th grader who is REALLY old enough to know better: “Ms. Art, in a couple of years, I’m gonna come back and visit you.  If you’re not retired yet.”

“In a couple of years? I won’t be retired, honey.  I won’t even be thirty.”

“You’re not already thirty?!?!  Wow!”

This story goes nicely (or cruelly, depending on how you look at it) with the five (at least) kindergarteners and first graders who have recently asked if my student teacher is my daughter.

“Do I look old enough to be her mother?!”

“Um, yes…?”


This could actually be a useful classroom management tool, right? February 7, 2009

Posted by Ms. Art in Darndest Things.
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I was watching Adam put this incredibly meticulous row of glue dots along the edge of his paper.  I was a little mesmerized by how absolutely precise he was being, but then when he reached the top and turned the corner his sleeve touched his glue, leaving a perfect row of dots down his arm.  I stopped him and pushed his sleeve up and was set to move on when he lamented, “Not my SLEEVE!  My sleeve is the MOST IMPORTANT PART because it lets me PUNCH!”

I shook my head and smiled, but he wasn’t done.  “Sometimes I have to bite it!  Because it’s not paying attention!”

“Your sleeve?!”

“Yes!  My arm!  I say, ‘Pay attention, you!’ and I bite it!”

“And then it pays attention?”

“And then I bite it again!”