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I have moved this ish over to tumblr. December 22, 2010

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Well, so to speak. I don’t seem to be able to actually move the old posts over. So, starting fresh at http://ms-art.tumblr.com/


Sometimes my students’ artwork is pretty much super scary. December 9, 2010

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Self-Portrait by Jamecia, age 10 BUT CAN THE UNDEAD REALLY BE SAID TO HAVE AN AGE? You decide.

Is it just me… December 2, 2010

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…or does this excerpt from this week’s newsletter sound like something, um, *other* than your expected innocent elementary school holiday song & dance program will be happening at next week’s PTA meeting?

“The Chorus, conducted by Mr. Music, will deliver festive songs that will tingle your holiday senses and the Dance Ensemble, directed by Ms. Dance, will deliver an enticing visual treat!”

Cranky clouds! December 1, 2010

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by Zayd, age 5.

A Twofer November 23, 2010

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Today, 4th grade:

Jeffery, to his table at large: “Put those pencils AWAY!  You do not want to know what some people will do with some pencils.”

Yes, I asked for clarification, but apparently it’s something entirely too complex or taboo to even say.  Jeffery has opted to let your imaginations take it from here.


And then, kindergarten:

Taylor: “I like your hair.”

Self: “Thank you, sweetheart.  I love your hair, too.”

Cameron (decidedly male, as far as I can tell, but it’s not as though I’ve checked, of course): “Me too!  Because I was a girl, when I was a baby.”

Self: “Wait, you what-now?”

Cameron: “Yes!  When I was a baby I was a little tiny girl but now I growed up into a boy this size [size indicated by hand held parallel to floor, significantly below actual height of Cameron, supposed-boy].”

There’s a motivational poster in this somewhere October 8, 2010

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As I walked down the hall this morning, three girls popped out of a bathroom and caught sight of me.  A general chorus of “I was just waiting for HER!” erupted, prompting me to insinuate that they were certainly full of excuses for people who didn’t otherwise appear to have done anything wrong.

Diron, passing by, sadly shared: “That be me at football.  Always be too full of excuses.”

Ouch. September 22, 2010

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My second graders are doing an art criticism activity, in which they compare & contrast their own patterned self-portrait collages with work by artist Miriam Schapiro.  Observe:

My Student Teacher: *pins up a kid’s work*

Joshua: “Gah!  Upside down!”

MST: “Oh!  I’m sorry!  That’s better.  Okay, so can anyone point out some differences you see between Joshua’s artwork and Miriam Schapiro’s?”

Emiyah: “Um…with Miriam Schapiro’s work, you could tell if it was upside down and with Joshua’s work…you can’t?”

xXxHARDCORExXx* September 17, 2010

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*SEO, y’all!

I think the bromance between James and the friend he’s had over every day this week might finally be wearing thin. July 15, 2010

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Braden, angrily: “UGH.  You’re just SAYING that to be NICE to me.”

Look, first things first, okay? June 29, 2010

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James, listening to NPR News in the car: “RUSSIAN SPIES?!  What…?!  Why…?!”

Self: “Well!”  *Brief rundown of Cold War, US/Russia tentative relations, Communism, etc.*

James: “But I thought the US and Russia were friends.  They were in World War II, you know.”

Self: “They were.  But then for several decades there they really, really weren’t, and so the two governments are still learning how to trust each other and -”


Self: “And that, yeah.”